The Hillingdon Files

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This is my first book, and I can honestly say it came from nowhere. Its initial title was The Tithe Cottage—the starting point for an adventure about which I had no idea regarding its direction, storyline, or conclusion. The Tithe was based loosely on a cottage in Graffton Flyford, Worcestershire, England. Honeysuckle Cottage belonged to a great-great-aunt of mine that I don’t believe I ever met, but where my parents spent their honeymoon.

The story as it is today grew page by page, character by character, and I was as excited to see each chapter develop into a proper novel as if I were reading it for the first time. Most of the settings are real, and I have tried to stick to as true a representation of them as possible, but with some embellishments to help with the storyline.

I can only offer apologies to those with any real knowledge of CID, sailing craft, business skills, or corporate funding, as these items are presented based on my knowledge at best gained from detective stories that I have seen or read, or at worst completely made up.

I have no idea why the base for the story is in Bournemouth; I’ve been there a number of times and visited Poole and surrounding districts, and I can only assume it has struck a chord somewhere in my subconscious. But I have enjoyed exploring it, and the many other places within the book, through the magic of Google.

This story will continue and, at the time of writing, is called The Follow-On. Doubtless, this will change into something, with any luck, a little more inspiring. I hope you enjoy the book if you do intend to read it, or that you haven’t been too disappointed if you have already.

The book is available currently from Amazon and AuthorHouse, Barnes & Noble, and many more platforms in the US, Europe, and Asia, and will hopefully be available direct from me soon. Please e-mail me your interest at

The Hillingdon Files

The white Angel features as the hostage carrier and possibly a means to transport contraband.

A brief outline of the book

Much of the high-powered action takes place in and around Riga, Latvia, with the aid of our own special forces, along with those loaned on behalf of the Latvian government, and Rigan police department.

Available at: Kenilworth Books, Amazon, Google, WorldBooks, and many other platforms in Europe, USA, and Asia

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